We are proud to be one the leading freight forwarders in the region. With partners from all over the world, Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd is ready to suit all your needs in the fields of customs clearance, import and export, and transportation. A service that measures itself by client satisfaction levels is a service that is bound to succeed. Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd puts the client first, our entire framework is designed to answer our clients’ most pressing logistical needs. From the first point of contact to the completion of the operation, we make sure that the client is thoroughly satisfied and has all the needed answers. Our business success, financial stability, and significant market share are the product of countless dedicated hours put in by our specialized staff. The deep industry links that we have honed over the years, our ever-growing track record, and our good standing in the local and international market attest to our pioneering position as leaders in the field.

A Worldwide Network

We are a proud member of the World Cargo Alliance, the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders in the world. A network that extends to 190 countries around the globe. Our global coverage is further strengthened by solid connections with shipping lines which allow us to enjoy great advantages and offer competitive rates and conditions.

A Dedicated Staff with the Latest Technologies

Our staff is our most valuable asset, we believe in investing in our staff and growing together. This is reflected by our employee turnover rate which amounts to less than 1%. Our staff’s efficiency is further improved by using the latest technologies. Cutting-edge software such as Bridge help us stay ahead as it collects all of the shipment data and connects to every truck at our disposal to provide real-time detailed tracking of all logistical operations. From office managers to truck drivers, more than 200 employees work together to deliver the best for our clients.

A Vast Fully Equipped Storage Facility

Around 40,000 square meters of fully-owned storage space is available to receive your shipments while we wait for your delivery instructions. With onsite accommodated staff and 24/7 security surveillance, our storage area is more than equipped to process all your logistical requirements. From forklifts to truck cranes, our specialized staff are powered by a diverse range of logistical equipment with a maintenance team available around-the-clock. Additionally, more than 125 trucks are at our disposal to make sure that no operation is delayed while our sea barges are fully prepared to receive maritime shipments.

A Guarantee of Quality

All of the goods transported by our trucks are guaranteed by a 10-million-riyal third party insurance. Damages to your shipment sustained on Saudi road due to unfortunate accidents and valued at less than 10 million Saudi riyals will be covered by our insurance. Our material guarantee also extends to a guarantee of quality. Our business priorities have always focused on providing the best-in-class service. The expertise of Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd has been recognized and accredited by competent institutions such as the World Cargo Alliance, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and many more that have attested to the prime quality that we have to offer.