There is no limit for our work as we always strive for a global impact. As leading freight forwarders, business growth takes center stage on our agenda. Long-term continuous success is the fruit of strategic planning based on firm deep-rooted principles. At Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd, we define ourselves by indispensable qualities that mould the nature of our work and provide the bedrock for our success.


Integrity forms the root of our values. Successful businesses do not compromise when it comes to their own moral principles and we are no different. Our actions as a company have always been guided by our commitment to an honest and consistent business. This starts on an internal level among employees and extends to our external relationships with clients and stakeholders where all of our interactions are built on trust and integrity.


The key to long-term success is sustainability. At Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd, we are constantly reflecting on how we can enhance our work methods and develop our activities to adapt to current and future realities. New challenges arise every day and we make sure to be always ready to overcome them.


Four decades of activity have shaped our experience and turned us into what we are today: a responsible and reliable business. We do not serve our clients on the basis of a client-provider relationship, we rather consider our commercial dealings as a business partnership. Our clients yield the most on their investments due to our commitment to a trustworthy service.


Transparency forms the backbone of all our operations, it promotes trust, fosters growth and increases the value of our work. Our employees adopt a clear and honest approach when contacting clients, an approach that has been indispensable to our continued success.